Friday, July 29, 2011


Up to almost half of a teacher's evaluation will depend on how a kid does on a standardized test. No problem. Teachers will take on whatever repsonsibility there is as long as it goes all the way to the top. We need some leadership by example. In the offices where folks are making bonuses and welll over double or triple a teacher's salary and never see children, there is zero accountability. Horrible performance is rewarded. All teachers should be awarded a "lame-duck" year, get paid and then get a bonus.

The past tumult with the Buffalo Public Schools is an orchestrated crescendo of disinformation, profiteering from failure, chaos management and stuffing of one's pockets while distracting the public by demonizing teachers. In the Buffalo News a report regarding voluntary transfers is just one more example of total arrogance and in your face politics from our King James. He's laughing all the way to the bank. After Dayton and Buffalo, he's set for life. I just want to take this opportunity to thank Bob Wilmers, an unelected Chief of Scools of sorts for the chaos. I want to thank him personally for the chance to witness The Shock Doctrine at work. Naomi Klein is right and Buffalo is a perfect example of its principles at work. Chaos, junk politics, forcing of school closures, forced failure and general shock and awe to the system has caused it to almost collapse. Imminent danger lies ahead with no leadership as this ship hits the perfect storm with no one at the helm. Someone is sure busy rearranging deck chairs knee deep in icy waters...

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