Saturday, March 17, 2012


The absolute decimation of one of the foundations of this nation-the profession of teaching- is scary. Even though it's never been highly esteemed, teaching has never taken such a beating in recent memory. Demanding teachers are responsible for students who are not present is ludicrous. What's even crazier already , that teachers have agreed to, it that they will be responsible for those who are there everyday and do absolutely nothing. No one seems to be taking this important factor into account. Pundits and para-professionals are aghast we won't take out the attendance clause. However, no one is talking about the fact that approximately half the students actually present everyday do nothing and fail anyway...What about those numbers? Where's the "mitigating factor" for apathy? How does one measure apathy? Is it on a sliding scale depending on your backstory? Or is it the same for all, no matter what your story is, no matter who's in jail and no matter who's been shot or who died. No matter who beat you up, no matter how many times you moved. No matter how long your father, brother, uncle is in jail...No matter what?

If anyone out there thinks teachers do not already drive kids home, call them, pick them up in the morning, talk to their parents all the time, fundraise for the, etc., you name it then you are wrong. The majority of teachers go above and beyond the call of duty. Our work day doesn't end. We don't punch in or out. We are always punched in. Always thinking, always planning...Always on call. Pundits like Rod Watson's naive opinion piece this week in the Buffalo News is embarrassing to say the least, for him. It shows the lack of knowledge surrounding the immensely complex issue of urban education. It is, an enigma because of bad politics and money not teachers and absent students. Get real Rod...Take a walk around a school before writing such uninformed nonsense.

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