Thursday, June 16, 2011


Paying Oldele for the full year is mysteriously stupid. There has to be a reason why they would vote to pay her off, of sorts. At the same time, there's not much being said as to why or how she would be earning it or has earned it. Once again, the schools become politicized and people get paid for failure. If teachers got bonuses for failure and free "lame duck" years, we would be millionaires. Oh, wait, Oldele and Williams bad. Amazingly this is the system and what behavior it fosters. When are we ever going to stand united and say enough really is enough, for real?
The rules are different at the top. Obviously it is sickeningly sweet to be in the inner circle of unaccountability. Demeaning and demanding to the point of post it notes and the creation of bogus data has been borderline abusive in the workplace. Now the Queen of "Or Else", has ducked for cover out the back door, running once again from her life's work, or else? Simply amazing. What is more amazing is that we sit by and let it happen. Great job Licata. 5-3.

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