Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Ding dong the King is dead. Should we celebrating? Going into this very situation that brought us to this very moment. Schools are failing. EMO's are taking over (EPOs are EMOs essentially) Everyone knew 5 years ago. The Board, Teachers, Parents, Cops, Neighborhoods and who? Who did not know? Everyone also knew we should not have extended his contract, why we didn't was never made quite clear. These problems didn't materialize, they were developed. Williams couldn't break the Union through the front, so he went in the back door. Successfully. Thus, the shock and awe cockiness. Some say he was just flat out rude. Others love him and say he's a bee charmer. Never meeting the man, we as the rest of the normal peasants, all share the same image of the monster who perpetrated hated and division, divided teachers, pushed failure initiatives and stuffed many an old friend's pockets. One can say he was brought here to do exactly what he was hired to do. Is he a monster? A heartless corporate animal? Or are Superintendents vulnerable too as changes in governance have changed right under out noses? It's obvious he is frustrated, but when in doubt one can lead by example. We're stuck with a lazy, expensive "Leader", is that the word? The Board will never admit complicity therefore they shame him with a low score on a bogus, meaningless evaluation, except for one strong voice in Licata, the other BOE Freshmen are silent ghosts. Not reassuring.

Williams never quite gave up, but then again, he never really tried all that hard either. Just seems criminal to get paid so much money for doing minimal subpar work. He would be fired if his evaluation counted toward his job security. So again, I'm still unclear where accountability begins and ends. Is there a pamphlet? There should be. It's not "unfortunate" we are "stuck" with Williams. Unfortunately someone like Bob Wilmers has that much power is the truer statement. It's unfortunate kids' lives were tossed under a bus so the failure train could come to town. The train chugs along moving to Surety Station, it's next stop on the Federal Failure Express. Coming to a poor district near you, soon. Look for the new signage.

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