Sunday, February 26, 2012

Differentiated Difficulties

February break comes to a close and I ponder the coming week. I wonder about the no-suspension policy. I think about how it can ruin a school. Tying the hands of administrators is the opposite of the answer we seek. Instead of kicking kids out of schools, why in God's name aren't we building alternative charter schools for the vocational ed and special needs populations, including the gifted poor. "Differentiated Instruction" is code for "we don't care about quality". This becomes obvious once this kind of instruction is in process. In the schools I have seen it means the district can stick 47 kids in one room with 2 teachers and get away with it. It has nothing to do with quality or what the children may actually need to pass a senseless exam. Why would we think other wise? This is public education folks. Welcome to the greatest show on earth!

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